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Gas Detector and Online Gas Analysis System

Working environment safety system

In such systems, the concern is that an asphyxiant or toxic gas is directly hazardous to personnel. The position of the gas detectors is based on the normal operating zone for people in the area of application. It is worth noting at this point that there maybe two sets of detectors involved with a life safety system. The first set of detectors perform as a process monitoring function, with the detection based on the relative density of the gas with respect to the air. 

The second set of detectors are in the ‘life safety or breathing zone’ and alarm for personnel protection. When planning the system, careful consideration needs to be given to the actual setting of alarm levels for the detectors.If the ventilation cannot effectively clear the spill, then the detectors in the breathing zone are used to alarm and evacuate personnel  in the area, until such time that the atmosphere returns to normal safe levels.



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