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Reasons For Detecting Combustible and Toxic Gas

Reasons For Detecting Combustible and Toxic Gas

In the daily production of petrochemical engineering, steel, and chemical engineering industries, Flammable and toxic gases may leak, and workers often encounter various sorts, so accidents are easy to take place without proper safety protection. The gas detector is in use in these areas such as workshops, warehouses and storage tanks for detecting the gas lesk or real-time monitoring of the concentration of flammable and toxic gases. 
AE TECHNOLOGY gas detectors are generally intended for worker and plant safety, and are not intended for process control use where high levels of gases or vapors may be present all the time. Common Combustible and Toxic gas monitoring applications are as follows:

Flammable Gas Detection

Flammable gases and vapors pose a threat of explosion, which can maim or kill personnel and cause property damage. Typically first alarm levels are set to 10% LEL (this is 10% of the amount of gas necessary to cause an explosion, and is the OSHA mandated first alarm level). If gas sources are automatically shut off, or ventilation fans turned on, it can prevent the gas level from reaching a potentially flammable level.

Toxic Gas Detection

Toxic gases such as H2S or CO can be present in refinery or petrochemical applications, parking garages, and many other situations. Monitoring of these gases, and appropriate action taken if alarm levels are exceeded, can help to prevent injury or death. In Semiconductor plants, and many other plants and factories, often (toxic) gases are used in a process or can be generated by a process. Monitoring of these gases can help to alert personnel to potentially dangerous situations.

A wide variety of Production Process in industry have the potential for having dangerous gases present, AE Technology offers a wide selection of detectors to enable us to solve almost any gas detection safety related application.




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