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Portable gas detector must be worn in the toluene pharmaceutical process

 Portable gas detector must be worn in the toluene pharmaceutical process

In the pharmaceutical manufacturing plant, one of the processes is to use the second type of organic solvent toluene as a pharmaceutical intermediate in the reactor. The process is that the staff put sodium hydride, a water-repellent dangerous substance, into a sodium cation reaction tank filled with anhydrous toluene.

In the process of work, especially in the summer, the workers are very easy to drip sweat into the water-free dangerous substance sodium hydride during the handling process to cause a reaction. When feeding materials, the toluene vapor filled inside the reaction tank is easy to put in The reaction to the fire near the mouth caused burns to the personnel. Therefore, during the working process, the staff need to wear a portable gas detector to detect and warn of toxic and combustible gases to achieve safe production.

Portable gas detectors are divided into single gas detectors and multi-gas detectors. When there are many gas components, a four-in-one gas detector can be configured, which is more convenient to carry.
AGH5100 Portable single gas detector               AGH6100 Portable multi gas detector                      AGH6200 Portable 4 in 1 gas detector




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