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Oxygen analyzer detection principle

 Oxygen analyzer detection principle


As a precise analytical instrument, oxygen analyzers are widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, air separation, and other fields. Its detection purposes include process control and residual oxygen monitoring. According to different process requirements, different principles of oxygen analysis are required instruments. The principles of oxygen analyzers on the market are relatively many. The following is a summary of the relatively widely used detection principles of of AIYI Technologies.

Paramagnetic oxygen analyzer

The paramagnetic oxygen analyzer is an analytical instrument for measuring the oxygen content in gas based on the fact that the magnetic susceptibility of oxygen is much higher than that of other gases and has extremely high paramagnetic properties in the magnetic field. The paramagnetic oxygen analyzer is divided into three types: magnetic mechanical type, magnetic pressure type, and thermal-magnetic type.

Compared with the thermal-magnetic type and the magnetic pressure type, the principle of the magneto-mechanical type has the following characteristics:

(1) It is an analyzer that directly measures the paramagnetic property of oxygen. In the measurement, it is not affected by changes in the thermal conductivity and density of the measured gas.

(2) In the range of 0 ... 100% O2, the linear scale, and measurement accuracy are high, and the measurement error can be as low as ± 0.1% O2.

(3) High sensitivity, in addition to constant measurement, it can also be used for the measurement of trace oxygen (O2 ‰).

It should be noted that the paramagnetic principle is easily affected by strong magnetic background gas, pressure, vibration, etc., so the corresponding factors should be avoided in use.



Electrochemical oxygen analyzer

The electrochemical oxygen analyzer uses gas to generate a redox reaction in the primary battery to generate current. The electrochemical principle analyzer is suitable for pipeline trace oxygen analysis, centrifuge oxygen content analysis, reactor oxygen content analysis, tail gas oxygen content analysis, Tank oxygen content analysis, glove box oxygen content analysis.


Oxygen analyzer based on the principle of zirconia

The principle of zirconia is one of the principles of electrochemistry. It is currently a method for analyzing oxygen in the industry. It has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient maintenance, and sensitive reaction. It should be noted that the oxygen analyzer based on the principle of zirconia is more suitable for working conditions with relatively high-temperature conditions (600-800 ° C).




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