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Operation Procedure of AE Brand Portable Gas Detectors

 Operation Procedure of AE Brand Portable Gas Detectors

1. Start-up method of portable gas detectors: turn on the energy switch, the portable gas detector performs preheating self-test. After the self-test is completed, it emits an intermittent and rhythmic striking sound; install the adjustment button so that the first alarm indicator on the left is a critical light-emitting state, and at the same time there is an intermittent strike sound, then enter the normal working state.

2. How to use: Move the portable gas detector that has been zeroed close to the place needed to be detected, but don’t touch and hit the part, move slowly, if the continuous rhythm sound becomes rapid, and the number of LED lights on the display continues to increase, indicating that there is a gas leak. When the indicator light is on and the gas leakage has not been determined, then should adjust the knob in a counterclockwise direction, leaving only 1-2 indicator lights on, and continue to detect. The position of the probe is the gas leak point when the indicator lights up the most;

3. Charging method: Turn off the power switch of the portable gas detector, insert the charger plug of the charger into the charging jack of the instrument, and insert the power plug of the charger into the 220V power socket. This is the red indicator light on the charger, indicating that the charging is normal. When the under-voltage indicator is on, it means that the voltage is too low, and the battery should be charged in time, 10-14 hours per charge

4. Fault indication: After power on, the first indicator on the left side of the display is the power indicator, which is off, indicating that the battery is empty and needs to be charged, or the power supply is not in good contact, you need to check the internal wiring; there is no response to contact with the gas. If the sensitivity is low, or the sensor fails, you need to recalibrate or replace the sensor; the alarm indicator is on, there is gas in the environment, and the leak point is further determined, or the sensitivity is adjusted to a high level, and readjustment is required.

5. Precautions:

5.1 Pay attention to handle gently to avoid forceful collision;

5.2 Non-professionals should not disassemble casually;

5.3 It is strictly forbidden for the probe to contact liquids such as oil and water;

5.4 It is strictly forbidden to direct a large amount of gas into the probe;

5.5 The portable gas detector is charged once a month when not in use, each charging time is 10-14 hours.




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