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New design and lightweight portable 4 gas detector AGH6200

 AIYI Technologies are always focus on the solution for customers' requirements. Portable 4 gas detector are popular in the usage on workers' body to promise their health. The 4 gases are combustible gas,hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide,  oxygen. These four gases in normal toxic and combustible gas in industrial environment, approved by data base. Therefore, portable 4 gas detector can be used by workers when doing acitivity in industrail places.

The new model AGH6200 promoted by AIYI Technologies is improved based on old model AGH6100, light weight and small, which is more suitable for workers to take. It will alarm with sound, light, vibration. It can also record alarm history and upload the data to PC. In order to meet the requirements for detecting toxic gases in some confined dangerous places, AGH6200 can be compatible with sampling pump. Now it is certified by CE ATEX certificate. 
Here you can see the introduction video of AGH6200:

AGH6200 is your correct choice.



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