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LNG / LPG Gas Detection System for Commercial Kitchens and Shopping Malls

LNG / LPG Gas Detection System for Commercial Kitchens and Shopping Malls



In commercial kitchens, various cooking appliances may produce LPG or LNG gas leakage during the cooking process, which will bring workers the risk of continuous burning damage. From time to time, we can see news of burning in commercial kitchens, which has caused damage to people's lives and property.

While detecting combustible gas in advance can prevent all these hazards from happening. AIYI Technologies have a quick response gas detection system for commercial kitchens and shopping malls.

For small commercial kitchens:
We advise standalone Anr-S gas detectors with sound-light alarm Gary.

For kitchen in shopping malls:
We advise a Gas Detection System:
1, Fixed gas detector (Product Anr-S/AF111)
2, Control panel (product AGS1000)
3, IPC station

This gas detection system is aimed at ensuring a quick alarm when detecting a gas leak in the early stage, at the same time, the administration can control the situation, and prevent any explosion danger.  

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Following are some questions you may ask:

1, Which gas sensors are used in our gas detectors?

AIYI uses Japanese catalytic sensors to ensure the accuracy and lifespan of gas detectors. The detection range of LNG / LPG is 0-100% LEL, with a high resolution of 1% LEL and ±2% FS accuracy. It can be used for 3-5 years.

2, Where will be the gas detectors installed?

The LPG gas is heavier than air, the gas leakage will accumulate on the ground. LNG gas is lighter than air, the gas leakage will float to the ceiling.

The location of the gas detector is critical to achieving the best detection performance. According to the weight of gases, here recommend you to install as follows:
For LPG gas, it should be installed: outdoor 15 meters, indoor 7.5 meters at 0.3m-0.6m above the ground.
For LNG gas, it should be installed: outdoor 15 meters, indoor 7.5 meters at 0.5m-2m above the gas source.

3, How the Gas Detection System works?

It has two levels of alarm, first alarm at 25%LEL, second alarm at 50%LEL. For small kitchens, it only needs to install several gas detectors with sound and light alarm. When detecting the leakage, it will alarm quickly. For shopping malls, gas detectors are installed in each kitchen according to the advice of the install location, and each floor needs to install one control panel. The gas supply room also will be equipped with gas detectors. Finally, all of these signal outputs will be connected with an IPC station. Whenever and wherever detecting the leakage, the source of the leak will be displayed in the IPC station to alert people.

4, In case of leakage, how will this gas detection system protect us?

When detecting gas leakage, the gas detection system will respond quickly to alert the administrator, besides, it will take some action to decrease the risk by the following function:

1. It will turn on the Ventilator to speed up the flow of gas so that harmful gases are quickly discharged into the outdoor atmosphere.
2. It will shut off the valve of the gas pipeline, to cut off the input of harmful gases from the source.
3. It is available to connect with the fire alarm system, if there is fire alarming, IPC station will get signal and alert the administrator too.

5, Do we offer technical support?

At AIYI Technologies, we are dedicated to providing a suitable solution for you. If you have other requirements or need more details of the gas detection system for kitchens and shopping malls, pls contact us.




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