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How to save the service life of oxygen analyzer

How to save the service life of oxygen analyzer

As a precision instrument, the oxygen analyzer must be operated strictly in accordance with the instruction manual during use. However, due to different process sites and working conditions, it also needs to pay attention to the following points during use to increase the service life of the oxygen analyzer.


    1. If the air separation machine is shut down for a long time, or the machine is heated when the machine is shut down, the sampling valve of the oxygen analyzer should be placed in the cut-off position, at the same time, the analysis sample gas pipe should be disconnected from the inlet of the analysis cabinet, and the sample gas pressure pipe and the air separation The container is purged with warming together.

2. In the measurement, in order to reduce the hysteresis of the measurement, as long as the measured flow rate of the oxygen analyzer is ensured, the bypass flow rate of the instrument is opened as much as possible.

3. Currently, the more common method of zero proofreadings of trace oxygen and trace carbon dioxide is to add a purification device to remove trace carbon dioxide or trace oxygen and nitrogen in its zero sample gas treatment system, which is feasible when the complete analysis system is just put into operation, However, with the passage of time, each purification device will be in contact with the atmosphere and fail, so that the zero calibration of the calibration instrument is not accurate. Our approach is to use the migration principle of the instrument to analyze a bottle of high-purity argon standard gas with an offline analyzer, and measure the O2 content and CO2 content in the high-purity argon as the zero gas of the proofreading trace oxygen and trace carbon dioxide analyzer. At the zero calibration of the instrument, the zero calibration of the instrument is calibrated to the measured value, that is, the zero calibration of the instrument is moved to about 0.1-0.3ppm, and then the range of the instrument is calibrated. The practice has proved that this method is feasible.

4. The primary battery of the trace oxygen analyzer is a consumable. When the oxygen content in the sample gas is too high, the inlet and outlet valves of the instrument should be quickly cut off. If the instrument is not used for a long time, it should be considered to pass a higher purity argon gas into the instrument. It is used as protective gas, but it should be noted that the pressure of the protective gas should not be over 10KPa, otherwise the back pressure generated is too large and the original battery film will be easily damaged.





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