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How to make the gas detection alarm extend its service life

 How to extend the service life of the gas detection alarm?

Whether it is a fixed or a portable gas detector, the user should know that the safety instrument has a certain service life, how to make the instrument use a longer life, the instrument can play the maximum effect of the test, what should be paid attention to when the instrument is used? ?

First, if the user does not understand the instrument, it is forbidden to disassemble and replace the alarm sensor. Before shipping, the gas calibration has been carried out. If it is replaced, it needs to be recalibrated. And if there is a problem, you need to operate under the guidance of a professional.

Second, the detector avoids high-concentration gas shock, because the detector is easily poisoned; avoid frequent power-off, because the power supply is unstable, it is easy to damage the instrument. Wipe the detector often to prevent dust from clogging the sensor.

Third, the detector should be calibrated regularly: the necessity of detector calibration, to prevent the detector from detecting data drifting, and to improve the accuracy of the detector data. The detectors are calibrated regularly, the components are protected and the service life is longer. Detector calibration is generally performed after the previous year or half a year, based on the on-site inspection environment.

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