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How to identify a qualified combustible gas detector

 How to identify a qualified combustible gas detector

The gas leakage alarm controller can also be called a shut-off device for automatic gas leakage alarm, or a combustible gas detector. At present, it can be divided into four types of independent combustible gas detectors, typical combustible gas detectors, linear combustible gas detectors and portable combustible gas detectors.

Generally speaking, the civilian gas leakage alarm will be based on an independent flammable gas detector. Of course, it is necessary to identify whether the product has a square with a conformity assessment on the fire protection product of the public security department. Similar to people's thumbs, there are also two laser anti-counterfeiting signs for fire protection. If there is no such thing, it can be said to be an untrustworthy product. Since the gas will be lighter than air, if it is not found in time after the leak, it will also pass through the exhaust vent and the floor drain, etc., and it will cause the residents in the upper floors to be poisoned. When the gas reaches a certain concentration, it will explode when it encounters Mars.

Now, there is a new portable gas detector for this combustible gas--AGH8200, it’s more accurate. Welcome to your support. 




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