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Field application cases of AG/AF series fixed gas detectors

 Field application cases of AG/AF series fixed gas detectors

The AG/AF series of fixed gas detectors, as the face value of similar products of AIYI Technologies, have been widely used on the user's site and have a good feedback in a few years. In 2016, the product was listed on the AIYI Technologies Product Selection Manual for the first time. Compared with the classic products of AIYI Technologies, it is not only improved in appearance, but also easily met customer requirements in product performance.


The AG/AF series of fixed gas detectors is a new generation of gas detectors dedicated to hazardous areas in the petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, and other industries. Compared with common products in the market, the instrument has the following characteristics:

1. High precision sensor, sensitive detection.

2. Modular sensor, support plug and play.

3. The front alarm aperture, the alarm prompt is clearly visible.

4. Built-in two-way alarm switch, more chain control functions.

5. Remote control operation, no need to open the cover to debug.

6. IP66 protection grade can be applied to all kinds of harsh places.

Note: According to the CCCF fire product consistency regulations, combustible products do not provide sensor hot-swap function, like the model AF110/AF111.                 .

Fixed gas detectors are relatively widely used in chemical, petroleum, and pharmaceutical industries. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose suitable brands and products with quality assurance.




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