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AIYI Technologies passed the safety production standardization enterprise certification

 AIYI Technologies passed the safety production standardization enterprise certification

      Safety production standardization refers to the establishment of a safety production responsibility system, the formulation of safety management systems and operating procedures, the investigation and management of hidden dangers and the monitoring of major hazard sources, the establishment of prevention mechanisms, the standardization of production activities, and the compliance of all production links with relevant safety production laws and regulations The requirements of the standard are that people (personnel), machines (machinery), materials (materials), methods (work methods), environment (environment), and measurement (measurement) are in a good production state, and continuous improvement is made to continuously strengthen the standardized construction of safe production in enterprises.


In order to further implement the responsibility of enterprise safety subject and promote the standardization of our company's safety production work, AIYI Technologies passed the certification of "Safety Production Standardization Level 3 Enterprise" in early 2020 after long-term efforts and strict review. The "Safety Production Standardization" certificate was issued by the Emergency Management Office of Jiangning District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province.


AIYI Technologies has always been adhering to the dream of "safe AIYI, environmentally friendly AIYI, and innovative AIYI", constantly making progress, constantly improving, and strictly implementing relevant national system standards to provide customers with high-quality and reliable products. The acquisition of the "Safety Production Standardization" certificate indicates that the safety management of AIYI Technologies is becoming more standardized and the safety foundation is more complete and solid. AIYI Technologies' safety management, corporate culture, and corporate image will also step onto a brand-new level.


In the future development of AIYI Technologies, it will always follow the mission of "making the living and working environment more environmentally friendly and safer", and strive to move forward to make the AIYI brand more popular! Our AIYI brand includes fixed gas detector, portable gas detectorgas analyzer, and dust monitor, welcome to your support. 





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