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AIYI Technologies appeared in the C position in the signing ceremony

 AIYI Technologies appeared in the C position in the signing ceremony of the first batch of enterprises selected for the "doubling plan" in 2020


Fighting for the critical period and winning double victories, Jiangning Development Zone made another "hardcore" move: On April 25, Jiangning Development Zone held an enterprise development companionship plan promotion meeting, newly signed 24 "doubling plan" enterprises, and announced the launch of the scale and Benefits multiply and help technology companies take off special support policies. Through full-cycle, Omni-directional, and full-process funds, resources, policy support, and services, they can help companies boost development confidence, increase development momentum, and speed up development ...


Nanjing AIYI Technologies Co., Ltd. was selected as the first batch of this plan

After more than ten years of development, AIYI Technologies has been adhering to the business philosophy of "technological innovation and professional focus", insisting on independent research and production, continuously absorbing advanced technologies at home and abroad, and improving the core competitiveness of the enterprise. At the meeting, 24 companies, including AIYI Technologies, were selected to sign the contract on the spot. Entrepreneurs praised the enterprise development companionship plan in Jiangning Development Zone.


The company companionship plan makes the enterprise full

The enterprise development companionship plan, with the goal of "accompanying enterprise growth and promoting industrial development", is an important measure for Jiangning Development Zone to implement the "four new action plans" and "enterprise service year" deployment requirements of the city, district party committees and government, and it is also a continuous optimization camp. Business environment and accelerate practical actions to promote high-quality development. The aim is to provide full support in terms of policy incentives, resource protection, market expansion, etc. in 3 to 5 years, to provide enterprises with full life-cycle customized services, to promote the scale and efficiency of a batch of park enterprises, and to cultivate a batch of scale The above industrial enterprises, industry leaders, industry giants, singles champions, unicorns, science and technology board listed companies and internationally renowned companies with industry influence. This plan is an "optimized and upgraded version" last year, while expanding the policy connotation and increasing the policy of helping technology companies take off.



As a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province, Nanjing AIYI Technologies is among the first batch of high-growth enterprises in Jiangning Development Zone with fast growth, strong innovation ability, new professional fields and great development potential. Over the years, with the strong support and care of the government, AIYI Technologies has maintained sustained and rapid growth. In the next few years, AIYI Technologies will further lead by technological innovation, realize the multiplication plan, and strive to become a unicorn enterprise in the industry field.

Nanjing AIYI Technologies will continue to forge ahead, with the help of the government's policy of benefiting enterprises, join hands to win the key battle of "winning double victories" and add new strength to the construction of a new Nanjing of "strengthening the rich and high".

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