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7 advantages of explosion-proof oxygen analyzer

7 advantages of explosion-proof oxygen analyzer

The explosion-proof oxygen analyzer uses imported high-quality, high-performance oxygen sensors, with fast response time and long-term service life, and can meet the analysis and detection of percent content, PPM and PPB orders. The instrument is aimed at different gas environments. The sensor adopts electrolyte diaphragm technology, combined with an ARM embedded system, and can be used for real-time measurement and analysis of oxygen concentration in different measurement environments such as pure gas, inert gas, and special atmosphere (acidic and alkaline environment). The instrument combines flow control, temperature compensation, and a pressure control system, which has a better man-machine operation platform and a wide range of performance.


Application areas:

Coal chemical industry: analysis of oxygen in coal gas, analysis of oxygen in chemical workshop.

Air separation industry: analysis of oxygen in nitrogen, argon, and inert gases.

Metallurgical industry: analysis of oxygen content of blast furnace gas, converter gas, and smelting protective gas.

Petrochemical, biological fermentation: analysis of oxygen content in specific process links.

Semiconductor chip, electronics manufacturing industry: analysis of oxygen content in various types of shielding welding or shielding gas.

Unique technical advantages:

1. Menu lock switch: To prevent the erroneous operation from changing analysis parameters and affecting normal operation.

2. Pressure compensation function: Eliminate the influence of pressure on oxygen concentration test, with higher accuracy.

3. Overpressure protection function: When the sample gas pressure exceeds the protection range, the gas path will be automatically cut off to avoid the sensor being damaged due to too much pressure or too little pressure.

4. Solenoid valve protection gas circuit: built-in solenoid valve protection gas circuit, unlimited opening times, long service life, and the gas channel purge test status is controlled by the microprocessor.

5. Mobile data storage: SD card or disk can be selected as the data storage, the data is automatically stored at regular time, the storage capacity is large, and it is easy to copy the data to the computer for processing.

6. Over-range protection function: when the oxygen concentration is higher than the protection concentration, the gas path will be automatically cut off to prevent the sensor from having a long life in the environment with high oxygen concentration and affecting its unique life.

7. Personalized test chamber: The test chamber used in the explosion-proof oxygen analyzer is a new structural design, which not only fully guarantees the airtightness of the test chamber, but also can replace the sensor on-site without the need for standard gas calibration.

Pretreatment device:

1. Completely automatic online operation design

2. The sample gas requires constant temperature treatment technology in accordance with composite environmental protection regulations to avoid sample distortion.

3. A large number of core components are imported famous brand components to ensure the reliability of system operation.

4. Friendly LCD display man-machine interface, system information, and parameter Chinese prompt, easy to use, and maintain.

5. Targeted pretreatment system design that facilitates later maintenance and saves later operating costs.

6. Rich reserved interface for environmental data upload to ensure seamless connection of data upload.




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