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7 Tips for Extending the Lifespan of Fixed Gas Detectors

 7 Tips for Extending the Lifespan of Fixed Gas Detectors
Fixed gas detectors are usually installed at the site of use, and in most cases, the on-site environment is relatively harsh, and there are relatively many problems with fixed gas detectors. Therefore, mastering the maintenance method of the fixed gas detector is a necessary condition for ensuring the normal use of the fixed gas detector. AIYITechnologies summarizes 7 maintenance tips for fixed gas detectors for you:

1. The maintenance of the fixed gas detector should be calibrated and verified on time. Under normal conditions, the calibration cycle is once a year;

2. The fixed gas detector must not be close to the wall when it is installed, and sufficient indoor space should be reserved around it for daily maintenance and removal of common faults;

3. When the fixed gas detector is cleaned, use a soft damp cloth to scrub the surface;

4. Make sure that the fixed gas detector is in a relatively dry condition;

5. Keep the sensor filter clean, use the soft and tidy brush to clean the surface stains, and clean it with warm water. After the filter is dried, cover it again;

6. When cleaning the sensor, you can only use a clean brush to clean the sensor, and avoid washing with tap water;

7. The sensor is the cardiovascular of the gas detector. Therefore, try to avoid the sensor being exposed to the organic matter, organic solvent, or the gas generated by the solvent, so as to reduce the service life and inspection accuracy of the sensor.




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